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The power of greater
connectivity in the Pacific

Introducing Hawaiki

Hawaiki is a new fibre optic cable linking Australia, New Zealand, American Samoa, Hawaii and the US West Coast. Being carrier-neutral and independently owned, it offers many service and cost benefits for Telcos, ISPs, Cloud service providers and others. Amazon, Vodafone and REANNZ are already experiencing the Hawaiki advantage. And with an unrivalled 67 Tbps of design capacity, there’s plenty of room for you to join them.

Now there’s a choice when it comes to subsea telecommunications between Australasia and the USA.


Hawaiki is a 15,000 km telecommunication cable connecting 356 million consumers in Australia, New Zealand, American Samoa, Hawaii and continental United States.

It’s the largest and fastest link between Australasia and the USA, with branching units in place to connect the Pacific Islands of New Caledonia, Fiji and Tonga.

Commercial operations started in July 2018, and with a guaranteed design life of 25 years, Hawaiki will be in service until at least 2043.

Capacity Solutions

As the provider of the largest and fastest link between Australasia and the United States, we recognise our customers’ need for innovative capacity solutions which have a faster time to market and improve revenue generation.

Customers can choose from a large granularity of capacity products, including 1Gb, 10Gb and 100Gb, and scalable services over 200G and 250G wavelengths.

Hawaiki delivers greater connectivity, diverse paths and competitive pricing on the following routes:

  • Australia to the United States
  • New Zealand to the United States
  • Hawaii to the Continental United States
  • Australia to New Zealand
New Zealand
Auckland - Hillsboro
distance 12,903 km
latency 127 ms
Auckland - Kapolei
distance 8366 km
latency 83 ms
Auckland - Seattle
distance 13,222 km
latency 131 ms
Auckland - Los Angeles
distance 12,895 km
latency 127.5 ms
Auckland - Sydney
distance 3363 km
latency 34 ms
Sydney - Hillsboro
distance 13,540 km
latency 133 ms
Sydney - Kapolei
distance 9002 km
latency 89 ms
Sydney - Seattle
distance 13,858 km
latency 137 ms
Sydney - Los Angeles
distance 13,530 km
latency 133.5 ms
Sydney - Auckland
distance 3363 km
latency 34 ms
Kapolei - Hillsboro
distance 4538 km
latency 45 ms
Kapolei - Seattle
distance 4857 km
latency 49 ms
Kapolei - Los Angeles
distance 4529 km
latency 45 ms

The latency figures provided on this web-site are Round Trip Delay values between Hawaiki Points of Presence (POP) in each of the specified locations. Latency values for routes to and from Hillsboro and Seattle (US) and Auckland (NZ) include terrestrial backhaul and are based on the use of the primary cable route (i.e. the shorter path) between the serving Hawaiki Cable Landing Station and/or local POP.

Where measured values are not available, estimations have been made using a theoretical value of 5µs/km to represent the speed of light along optical fibre cable. These latency values should therefore be considered as indicative only and provided as a reference without any guarantees - either expressed or implied.

Points of Presence (POPs)

Hawaiki satisfies our increasingly bandwidth-hungry environment by providing POP to POP capacity to its customers. Capacity can be delivered to the following locations:

United States
United States
  • Hawaii: Hawaiki cable landing station
  • Hillsboro: Flexential Brookwood as well as all Hillsboro datacentres on the Wave Broadband ring
  • Seattle: Westin Building Exchange (WBX)
  • Los Angeles: Coresite LA1, One Wilshire
  • San Jose: Equinix SV1, Great Oaks
  • Sydney: Equinix SY4
New Zealand
  • Auckland: Spark Digital Mayoral Drive and Datacom Orbit Drive
  • Other locations in Australia, New Zealand and the United States will be quoted upon request.

Network Operations Centre

Hawaiki customers are assured of the highest performance levels and service standards thanks to our state-of-the-art Network Operations Centre (NOC). The NOC provides the best possible network status visibility through continuous surveillance, analysis and reporting. It also gives our customers 24-hour support, 365 days a year.

Our A-NOC is based in two locations, Auckland New Zealand and Sydney Australia, which ensures optimal redundancy. And to provide an extra layer of operational security, we have a back-up Network Operations Centre (B-NOC) located in Eatontown NJ, on the US East Coast.

Marine Maintenance

Reliability, security and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. So Hawaiki is part of two cable maintenance agreements to ensure the long-term viability of our subsea network:

  • The South Pacific Marine Maintenance Agreement (SPMMA) covers the area between Australasia and Hawaii.
  • The North American Zone (NAZ) covers the area between Hawaii and continental United States.

Who We Are

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